What is Tantra?

April 15, 2011

Since the body exists in the material world, the classical yoga viewpoint is that it is inferior to the transcendental self or spirit.

Tantra, on the other hand, views the body as a manifestation of spirit. By making the body pure and strong through asana, and by uniting the universe of opposites within your body, it can become a vehicle for ending suffering and attaining liberation.

“As soon as you like your body, it’s pretty much Tantric,” Anusara founder John Friend says. “You see the beauty and the Divine in it.”

Unfortunately, Tantra’s loving embrace of the body and the existence of “left-handed” schools that use ritual sexual practices have led many to equate Tantra with sex.

The fact is that Tantra’s attitude toward sex falls in line with its main philosophy: that every aspect of life is a gateway to the Universal – if done in a healthy way with the right intention.

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