The Yoga Diet

May 5, 2011

Many Americans put faith in scientific experts for dietary guidance. They’re willing to overhaul their kitchens in the name of health, certain that science will eventually show them a way out of their continual uncertainty over diet.

They look to the food industry, nutrition experts, and the government to dispel their confusion – yet these powerful forces only deepen it.

But there’s an often-overlooked force that could help us out of our bewilderment: the teachings of yoga.

The discipline’s philosophy teaches you to make your meals from plant-based foods that form the foundation of the food pyramid – foods over which there’s much less squabbling among nutrition experts.

The physical practice deepens your awareness of your body, so you become more conscious of foods that bring a consistent sense of well-being – and of those that make you feel bad after you eat them. Over time, many practitioners find themselves in a more comfortable and relaxed relationship with food.

Yoga can help its practitioners resist mixed messages, learn to trust themselves, and reclaim the pleasures of healthful eating.

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