Should Men Do Yoga?

April 5, 2011

Should men do yoga? Is it okay for guys to practice yoga? The short answer is YES!

It’s no secret that a lot of men think of yoga as something that flexible, healthy women do but of course they’re wrong.

Thousands of years ago, yoga was practiced ONLY by men. The practice was designed by men, for men. In a lot of ways, women are just crashing the party.

So if you’re worried that you won’t “fit in” or that it won’t be physically demanding enough for you, give it a try before you pass judgment. I dare you! You might be surprised by the experience.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just really passionate about being the best Guitar Hero player, yoga will help you get better at it. Physically it helps you find balance.

For example, if you’re strong, it will help your flexibility. If you’re flexible, it will help you build strength. Mentally, it will give you a way to handle all the pressure and stress that comes from a high-stakes competition so you can be your best at whatever you do. It can be your secret weapon!

And men don’t wear spandex in yoga. Really! Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. There’s no dress code. Also, you probably won’t be the only man. No one will be watching to see how flexible (or not flexible) you are. And we rarely discuss romantic comedies in class.

Dude… if your wife, girlfriend, or life partner is a yoga practitioner do you have any idea how many brownie points you’ll get for going to a class with her and showing some interest in something she really cares about?

Take it from someone who has been not-so-secretly wishing her husband would take a yoga class with her for years… If you’re in the dog house, this will get you out! (Oh, and if you’re a single guy, you’ll have way better odds of meeting a nice girl in a yoga class than at a singles bar.)

We know guys feel a lot of pressure to be all tough and strong. (And, trust me, there are lots of opportunities to use that brute strength in a yoga class.) But I imagine it would be nice to occasionally check that tough-guy exterior at the door.

Yoga class is the perfect place to explore letting your guard down, and just being yourself!

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