Joy Is Within You

March 31, 2011

There are certain core teachings that can forever shift the way you see the world. “Joy is within you” is one of the most empowering truths there is.

It is actually possible to feel happy regardless of how the world is treating you, or how horrible your childhood was, or the fact that all of your friends are more successful than you are. You can even, this teaching implies, be happy when you’re failing at something or when you’re sick.

But as with all the great truths, your understanding of what “Joy is inside you” means is crucial.

If you don’t understand it deeply, you’re likely to mistake superficial good feeling for joy. You might also attach your joy to the circumstances that triggered it, like that evening of chanting with Krishna Das, or the weekends when you get to hang out with a particular teacher, or romantic moments with your partner, or even time spent jogging or playing basketball.

Then you become addicted to those particular actions, people, or situations – and you should avoid that.

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