How To Get Through Life’s Difficulties

April 23, 2011

Life’s obstacles can cause even the most accomplished yogis to wobble. Thankfully, yoga has a proven track record of helping practitioners get through the worst situations. The next time you’re facing a difficult life challenge, keep in mind the following coping techniques inspired by yoga.

Dedicate space for reflection
It helps to have a corner of your home that feels sacred—somewhere you can retreat to when you feel overwhelmed. It can be something as simple as a candle on your night stand or as elaborate as an altar.

Find a personal refuge
Choose a location with meaning for you—a beach, a park, a special place from childhood—and go there. Even if it’s just for a few hours, find a way to take a mental hiatus.

Calm your breath
Notice when you’re holding your breath or taking rapid, shallow breaths, and make an effort to focus on your inhalation and exhalation. A few breaths with a present mind can change not only your day, but your entire outlook on life.

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