Create Harmony With Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

April 27, 2011

You practice yoga to stimulate the healthy flow of energy throughout your body. By incorporating some basic principles of feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”), the ancient Chinese practice of shaping your environment to achieve harmony, you can encourage healthy energy flow in your home, too. During winter’s chill, give your love life a warm jolt by attending to your bedroom.

Start by coupling up all your decorative items to encourage an intimate, equal relationship. Set up two nightstands and two bedside lamps, and allow equal, easy access to both sides of the bed. Make sure the color scheme is soft and soothing.

A touch of red, the fire color, can spark romance, but don’t overdo it by having red walls or rugs. Steer clear of water symbols, such as fountains or paintings of seascapes, which douse flames and encourage tears.

Finally, make sure the room is organized around rest and intimacy; anything that doesn’t support those two functions is an obstacle. Move your computer and television to another room, and don’t work or pay bills in bed.

Always make feng shui adjustments with intention. As you make changes, pause and visualize the way you’d like your relationship to be. Silently state that with the actions you’re taking, you welcome deeper love into this space. Soon you’ll notice that changing your surroundings really can change your life.

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