Acceptance and Happiness

May 5, 2011

It’s not uncommon in the yoga community for people to find themselves changing in ways that they may never have signed up for – and that their partner isn’t interested in or feels threatened by.

While we’re all well-schooled in accepting differences of opinion to make a relationship work, it seems a lot easier to work through a disagreement about what color to paint a bedroom than to come to terms with divergent spiritual beliefs.

You might wonder: Can a relationship weather differences that seem so, well, fundamental?

Spiritual teachers say the answer is YES – if you fully embrace the practice of acceptance.

When you’re annoyed that your partner isn’t interested in your latest yoga revelation, or upset that they’re heading down a spiritual path that doesn’t appeal to you, focus on accepting them as they are instead of judging them or needing their behavior to change.

To do that, it helps to practice acceptance of yourself and the issues you bring to the situation.

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